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Learning As A Student At The School Of Life

"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching"  I like to think of myself as a part-time Doctor, part-time traveler, part-time reader, part-time hobbyist, and a full-time learner. I once watched a documentary, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked what he would have done more of in life if he could go back in… Continue reading Learning As A Student At The School Of Life

hobbies · life lessons · twenties · YOLO

Misconceptions And Truths About Bonsai

What Is Bonsai ? Bonsai is a miniature, container-grown tree that generally adheres to Japanese principles. Each Bonsai Tree is an art that is ever-growing and constantly changing, it is an art that is never complete. The term "Bonsai" literally means, "planted in a container" in Japanese. Bonsai is a tradition and an exquisite, ancient,… Continue reading Misconceptions And Truths About Bonsai