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About My Blog

“Stay faithful to the memories in your mind”

 ‘Colour outside the lines’ is my personal adventure travel and lifestyle blog. It’s a blog that encompasses my adventures, thoughts, the lessons I’m learning and the way that I feel.

Most of my life lessons have been taught to me by my younger brother, who is 14 years apart from me. And so the name ‘Colour outside the lines’ and my entire blog is dedicated to him. As a lively and bubbly child, he is filled with questions and curious to know why things are the way they are.

One day when he was younger, he was seated at our dining table, colouring a picture using crayons in his school colouring book, I overheard his nanny asking him to colour inside the lines, to make the page look presentable and for his teacher to give him a star. He stopped his work, looked up at me watching him and unexpectedly retorted “Why can’t we colour outside the lines?”

Since then, I’ve come a long way colouring outside the lines, and refusing to conform. I’ve enjoyed living my life at my own terms, in my own pace with the people that I love. 

I do hope that you find my writings enjoyable, and hopefully even relate to some of them. Do feel free to ping me, should you have any opinions to share or questions to ask.

See you in my next blog posts.

Until then, colour outside the lines!

3 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. I know i have here a talented and worthy blogger, i am determined to follow sincerely and learn from the connection.
    Godspeed to you.


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